Vinnie Classroom Recital 4

Vinnie Classroom Recital

Vinnie Classroom Recital 4
My Playlist 01

Join us at Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox this June, as our students present to you... "My Playlist 01"! We often forgot that everyone has their preferred style of music, our playlists will never be quite the same. This year, our students submitted their favourite songs before we all got to vote for the ideal playlist for our audience. We are talking about a wide range of music from Earth Wind Fire to BTS. You will probably not experience a songlist like ours anywhere else.

To purchase your tickets, you can visit us at Vinnie Classroom or Message Us today!

Public sale from 3rd June 2019

Sellng Fast!

Date : 29 June 2019
Time : 1930-2130 hours (with intermission)
Venue : Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox
Cat 1 : $15.00
Cat 2 : $10.00

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Vinnie Classroom Recital
Vinnie Classroom Recital

Some photos and videos from our recital last year!

More photos can be found on our facebook

Our students and teachers put up a fantastic performance during our 3rd annual recital!

Thank you to all our students and parents... for all the kind words of encouragement, and for giving us the opportunity to showcase what the teachers and students of Vinnie Classroom can achieve together! We hope everyone enjoyed the night and we promise to always strive to make the next one even better! 💪

Special thanks to The Analog Factory for taking on the mammoth task of sound engineering for 16 bands, photographer 📷 Errik Wong for documenting the night, Artemis Technologies for videography, Jing Neng our super trusty lights and video manager, and Gateway Theatre, our venue provider!

Head over to our Facebook page to view all the photos!

Head over to our Facebook page to view all the photos!

Head over to our Facebook page to view all the photos!

Videos of our students performing from VCR 2!

Live Band : Shape of you (Ed Sheeran)

Fingerstyle Guitar : Papa George (Tommy Emmanuel)