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Mark Murphy's visit to Vinnie Classroom

Mark Murphy and Greg Stone, ANZCA Examiners, were in Singapore for ANZCA’s drum examinations recently, and Vinnie Classroom had the precious opportunity to meet them! Mark demonstrated some drum solos from the exam syllabus, which he wrote. In the video, Mark demonstrated a song from ANZCA’s Drum Kit Performance Volume 7.

Mark shared how he would write drum pieces that are manageable for younger learners, so they, too, can feel a sense of great accomplishment upon being able to play them.

More importantly, Mark and Greg were here to introduce to us the ANZCA syllabus for Drum Kit! Thanks to Mark’s detailed explanation and expert demonstrations, Vinnie Classroom is now proud to announce that we are offering the ANZCA syllabus for Drum Kit! For more information on ANZCA examinations, email us at

Lastly, Vinnie Classroom would like to thank Mark and Greg once again, for giving us their time, for sharing their experiences and teaching tips. Thanks mate!

Vinnie Mah

Group shot with Mark Murphy and Greg Stone! We were all very thankful for his visit and the insightful session!

Mark is a very inspiring drummer to watch. Every of his note is musical! You could say that his drumming is melodious!

"I really appreciate the effort from Mark Murphy and Greg Stone for making the trip down to Vinnie Classroom, ensuring that we understands the ANZCA syllabus. The session was informative, and at the same time inspiring. Not only did Mark showed us how were the syllabus structured, but also explained why did he craft it in such a way that it's going to help all drummers out there eventually. It was an awesome experience chatting with the man behind the books."

- Vics Mah

The workshop organised by the school gave me a deeper understanding on the syllabus and how entire grading system works! The pieces from the different levels was really good because it covers a lot of technicality, genres and wide arrangements of playing styles. It urges me to take on their diploma program! Hoping to start it real soon. Thank you Mark Murphy and Greg Stone for sharing so much of stuffs in the short time and answering all the questions thrown to you guys, also great shout to both key person that organised this for us, Vinnie and Zee.

- Joash Edelstein

The meeting was informative and an eye opener to the syllabus. I learned a lot about the syllabus and will definitely consider the syllabus for my students. Mark is very knowledgable and passion about drum education, very impressed.

- Chit Yang

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