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Singapore National Day 2017

Top 9 Super Classic NDP Songs, REARRANGED! (UPDATED: 7th August 2017)

Over the years, numerous patriotic songs have been written and sung during National Day. We think you have to be pretty OLD to know all of them, but you can prove us wrong!

Sing along to our fresh take on these good ol' classics! We hope you like our arrangements!

Music arrangement and recording: Vinnie Mah
Vocals: Andrea Ho, June Lee, Lily Chan, Loh Jia Jen, Mohamed Hanafiah, Vinnie Mah, Zee Huang and students from Northland Primary School
Special thanks to: Our friendly neighbors from Upper Thomson kopitiam, 7-Eleven, Badoque Cafe Think Teach Academy, Ming Fa Fishball Noodles, Salted Caramel, The Roti Prata House, and also students and parents of Vinnie Classroom.
Not forgetting Blk 24 Sin Ming Rd Hainanese Chicken Rice, who has fed us well every day and at our events!

How to use this video


You can choose to assign every class with 1 to 2 songs. Get them to learn and practice during their music period. Play this during the school's National Day celebration or during assembly period! Highlight a few better singers to sing directly into microphones while the rest sing along. Ideally the whole school will be able to do a mass singing session with the video projected onto the school hall's screen! We designed our lyric video to have big and easy to read fonts so there is no need to print songsheets etc.


Gather everyone in the biggest room with a projection system or big screen, the meeting room will be a good idea! Bring along accessories like small flags, shakers or even bongos! Belt your heart out! It might be a great karaoke session to encourage company cohesion too!


If your family gathered to watch the fireworks but are nowhere near the main stage, play this on your mobile devices and project it through a portable speaker! We're sure, those sitting next to you will soon join in the fun!

If you do use our video for this purpose, take a video and share it with us! Send us a private message on facebook,
hashtags/tag us on instagram or email us! We can't wait to see it!

If you feel like belting out but do not wish to hear our howling, we will be releasing the karaoke version of this real soon!

But if you feel a better connection with the newer songs,
fret not! We've got them covered too!

We made this video 2 years ago with the same intention in mind! So bring your karaoke mic out and start singing the songs!

If you feel like we've missed out something, leave it in the comment section below! Or suggest on how we can make our next NDP video even better!


As promised, we are putting up the karaoke version of this medley! Use it in your own national day celebration!

Also, we made some mistakes in the originak video.
Di Tanjong Katong (Chorus)
04:38 Kononlah and not Konolah
04:41 Jauh and not Juah

End screen & Annotation error:
At the end of the video, Vinnie pointed to several links but they were no where to be found. This is due to our lack of understanding on the limitations by Youtube. End screen links can only be placed at the last 20seconds of the video and can only last 20seconds long. We decided to show the beautiful fireworks at the end of the video instead. Thus the error. We thank you for your understanding!

Song List
00:00 Stand up for Singapore
01:46 Singapura, Oh, Singapura
02:54 Singapore Town
04:09 Di Tanjung Katong
05:35 Munnaeru Valibaa
06:57 童谣(Tong Yao)
08:19 One people, One nation, One Singapore
11:04 Count on me, Singapore
12:24 We are Singapore
13:45 Friends and family special appearances
14:28 Home

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