Music Lessons

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Sick of shopping for new glassware? Let our vocal teachers train your vocal cords so you can manipulate them like rubber bands. We cover a wide range of genres (except classical) and are able to teach various styles in English, Mandarin and selected dialects.

Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is an extremely versatile instrument. You can entertain your friends at parties, serenade your crush, or express your deepest emotions in the comfort of your own bedroom. Strum a song in just a few lessons, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try finger-style guitar! Play pop, rock, funk, blues - whatever rocks your socks!

Watch our teacher Vinnie in action here!

Legato lines, power chords, heavy riffs, fast licks! If you know these terms, you probably are looking at the right section to find the right help to improve on your playing skill! Here we do more than just playing your favourite solo, we gear you up for examination if you are up for the challenge! The electric guitar is arguably much more versatile than it's acoustic cousin! I mean, just do a quick youtube for Les Paul, Paul Gilbert and Paul McCartney and you will get what we are saying!

Bass Guitar

If you think the bass is for introverts, think again. After all, what could move the music better than a groovy bass line? Bring out your creativity and slap some bass today! Four strings only! So easy!

And for all those who believes that bass is boring, do a youtube search for artists like Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller!
Or you could watch our bass teacher Stephen in action here!

Studies have shown that learning the drums increases your IQ and trains your focus and coordination. Work off your excess energy or relieve some stress by hitting those toms! Feel like the rock star instantly! You are the heartbeat of your band!

No idea what drumming is like? Watch our teacher Victor in action here!


Cute. Portable. Super easy. Economical. Need we say more?

Fine. The Ukulele may seems like an instrument that probably can't do much. Due to it's size and the lack of strings as compared to a guitar, many believes this instrument is only good for strumming simple pop songs. Well then it is time for you to youtube for our ukulele hero Jake Shimabukuro!

Here at Vinnie Classroom, we teach you the rich history and culture of the ukulele, some traditional Hawaiian tunes, some pop songs and some fingerstyle playing in the likes of Jake!

Watch our teacher Vinnie in action here!

Gain a more sophisticated appreciation of classical music by learning to play the pieces yourself, with your own interpretation! There’s more enjoyment to be had when you play that Yiruma piece from your favourite Korean drama yourself. Pop and classical piano lessons available!

Oh hey, this program is suitable for age 4 and up! Mommys and Daddys are welcome too! Beat the common belief of "It is too late for me"

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