Show Hand Technique

show hand technique
Image of Vinnie conducting the Show Hand Technique with his class

Show Hand Technique

The Show Hand Technique is Vinnie Classroom’s signature teaching method, targeted at enabling students to master new chords on the guitar in the shortest time possible.

Primary and secondary school students these days often have the opportunity to learn various instruments as part of their school curriculum. Unfortunately, students usually get only 8 hours of lessons and they often do not have access to the instruments outside lesson hours. This becomes a challenge as effective learning requires consistent practice.

In all his years of teaching, Vinnie had tried several methods ranging from printed materials, elaborate diagrams and video samples, just to ensure his students could learn more effectively. These methods aided his teaching, but gave only limited success. Finally, one day he devised a method that strongly boosted students’ learning curves, be it in a classroom setting or one-to-one lessons.

The Show Hand Technique is tested and proven to produce stellar results in every school. It promises to make even the stiffest of fingers well-versed in at least a few basic guitar chords, enough to play over a thousand songs. All this in just 8 lessons with minimal practice!

This is why our guitar programmes have been so wildly successful in the schools we have taught in, and schools continue to have the confidence to place their students in our hands.

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