My ukulele-playing improves leaps and bounds from every session, gaining me confidence in singing and playing with my ukulele.

Testimonial江坚文 Kenneth Kong,
97.2FM DJ

The lessons are well organised and easy to understand. I am able to figure out what I need to work on to take my skill to the next level.

TestimonialCedric, NSF
Singapore Armed Forces

Vinnie at Vinnie Classroom is the best guitar teacher I have met. He is a very patient and meticulous instructor, and provides clear guidance. In fact, I have improved tremendously after taking his lesson. I will definitely recommend anyone who is interested to learn guitar to take up lesson at Vinnie Classroom

TestimonialRoy Lee, 40s

Vinnie is an inspiring and patient instructor. He and Dave hit off very well. Dave enjoys his guitar lesson with Vinnie and is very motivated to play his guitar well. I am glad to have found a teacher like him.

TestimonialDave's Mother, 30s

The people behind Vinnie Classroom are dedicated, hands-on and take pride in their work. They have created an enviroment which is comfortable, friendly, stress-free. Much like a friend's place to hang out yet conducive for learning. They also take great care in the selection of teachers to ensure high quality and consistent standards. Our 6 month experience has been very positive. If your purpose is to "empower the next generation through music" (their slogan) or seek to indulge your musical interest, you would do well with Vinnie Classroom.

TestimonialArnold, 30s
Banking Professional

I have been learning piano at VC for 6 months and so far it has been a great adventure. Being an adult learner, I feel that the teaching method is adapted to my learning speeds and requirements. It is varied, ranging from basic piano theory to exam pieces, with various other pieces injected along the way to instill novelty and build confidence. My teacher is also very patient with me, and she is able to come up with several alternative ways to explain playing techniques which I find hard to execute and understand initially. The practise drills imparted during class can then be used to practise at home to perfect my piece. In conclusion, I believe that I am learning how to play the piano in a manner that is all-rounded and fun at the same time.

TestimonialYvonne, 30s
Banking Professional

I owned a bass guitar since 2009 but never got around to actually learning how to play it. That all changed when – on a whim - I decided to step into Vinnie’s Classroom for a trial lesson. My interest in the instrument was revived on the spot. Stephen, whom I met on day 0, is an awesome teacher and infinitely patient. I really enjoy his style of merging music theory with pop songs – it keeps the learning experience fresh and exciting, while covering some actual musical ground such as sight reading, notation and many other skills. And I’m sure my experience is shared by all the other students here at Vinnie’s Classroom, where we learn from the incredibly passionate and talented crew here. Cheers guys! See you on Saturday!

News Reporter
Channel News Asia

We enjoy having lesson in Vinnie Classroom. We love it that we can jam together at home after having lessons!

TestimonialLoh Sisters, 13-23

Having classes at Vinnie Classroom has been nothing but fun, and I look forward to classes every week. Vics is a really patient, supportive and entertaining teacher who tailors the drum lessons according to my pace and progress. Although I'm new to drumming, I feel like I've grown tremendously in this short timeframe and I look forward to growing more as a student with Vinnie Classroom :)

TestimonialGwendolyn, 20s

Come join us and experience what Vinnie Clasroom is all about! These testimonials are the proof to our merticulous effort in ensuring we are true to our slogan of "Empowering the next generation through music"! We are proud when we are able to pass on our music knowledge to our students! Perhaps you will want to leave us a testimonial after your experience with us!

Vinnie Classroom Admin